Investing From Soil to Shelf featuring Robyn O’Brien

October 18, 2021

Robyn O’Brien is the Co-founder and Managing Director of rePlant Capital, a financial services firm dedicated to assisting US farmers’ transition to regenerative and organic agriculture. rePlant Capital aims to accomplish this by deploying a series of proprietary funds, with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change.

Robyn is a globally recognized voice in the food industry and has been called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by The New York Times. Her TEDx talk (based on her book, The Unhealthy Truth) exposes the shortcomings of our food system and has been viewed millions of times — it’s even influenced policy, legislation, and product formulation. Additionally, Robyn has advised CEOs and executives at multinational CPG companies, startups, and farm organizations for the last 15 years.

In this episode…

Many people assume that in order to create healthier food, all you have to do is find the right ingredients. But is that really all it takes?

Robyn O’Brien understands that to provide nutritious foods, you have to go back to the roots — actually, the dirt around the roots. Food is only as healthy as the soil it grows in. For decades, farmers have dumped chemicals into the soil of our produce and planted genetically modified seeds. Only 1% of currently-owned farmlands are organic. In order to change the status quo, farmers will have to overcome old traditions and financial roadblocks. What’s being done to help farmers transition to a more planet-friendly approach?

In this episode of the Gooder Podcast, Diana Fryc is joined by Robyn O’Brien, Co-founder and Managing Director of rePlant Capital, to discuss how her team is investing in a more organic future. Robyn talks about how rePlant is empowering farmers to produce organic foods, why soil health is essential to restoring nutrition, and the inequality embedded in the US agricultural system.

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