Self-Care for Executives featuring Brie Doyle

July 26, 2021

Brie Doyle is an author, teacher and retreat guide. Brie hosts transformational wellness retreats throughout the US and across the globe, and is the Founder of She Glows Retreats. She specializes in curating mental and emotional wellness curriculum for groups, conscious companies, schools and individuals. A yoga and meditation teacher for over 20 years, Brie is a leader in the health and wellness space who helps people heal their past and reclaim their power. Her book, You Should Leave Now: Going on a Retreat to Find Your Way Back to Yourself was just released.

In this episode…

Burnout is spreading the nation like another pandemic. We push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion by expecting ourselves to do everything and somehow be happy about it at the same time.

Brie Doyle has another solution. She offers She Glows Retreats to help women reconnect with themselves and reclaim their power, confidence, and clarity. Brie believes that by taking a step back, we can learn to hear our own voice again and put the joy back into our everyday living.

In this episode of the Gooder Podcast, Diana Fryc is joined by author, teacher, and meditation guide, Brie Doyle. They discuss Brie’s own burnout that inspired She Glows Retreats, how meditation has been both integrated and diluted in American culture, and why you should stop trying to do everything on your own.

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