Risking It All for the Entrepreneurial Dream featuring Debbie Wei Mullin

September 13, 2021

Debbie Wei Mullin is the Founder and CEO of Copper Cow Coffee, the first premium Vietnamese coffee company in the US. Copper Cow Coffee connects sustainable farms with the American specialty coffee market, which is the largest in the world. Their signature Pour Over Latte kits come with delicious, sweet creamers and single-serve filters that fit over any cup, so customers can brew a perfect latte anywhere.

Debbie’s first entrepreneurial venture was founding Wei Pantry, a nationally distributed Vietnamese all-natural heritage food line. Before that, Debbie worked as a Consultant for World Bank, managing their supply chain development.

In this episode…

Maybe you’ve got an enviable position with a top-dollar company. Maybe you’ve got a steady job with health benefits and pension — but something doesn’t feel right. What can you do when the entrepreneurial bug has bitten?

Debbie Wei Mullin found herself in a similar position. Though she held a cushy position in supply chain development at World Bank, she felt stuck. Her innovative ideas were constantly pushed to the wayside, and she dreamed of a company where she could change the status quo and create great new products. So instead of finding that business, she built it. Now Debbie has created a household-name coffee brand with distribution in major retailers like Walmart, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Whole Foods. What does it take to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality?

In this episode of the Gooder Podcast, Diana Fryc is joined by Debbie Wei Mullin, Founder and CEO of Copper Cow Coffee, to discuss her entrepreneurial journey. Debbie talks about why she left her steady corporate job to start her own business, the impact of her sister and brother-in-law’s support, and the unique aspects of Copper Cow Coffee. Debbie also shares tips for venturing out on your own entrepreneurial journey!

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