Aligning Your PR and Marketing Strategies featuring Jess Windell

August 16, 2021

Jess Windell is the Founder of Maven Consulting, a strategic communications and public relations consultancy. Jess launched Maven Consulting in 2020 to help consumer brands get their PR strategy on the right track using the necessary tools for growth.

Jess Windell has spent 12 years working in public relations. Her previous roles include the Vice President of BAM, a PR agency, and the PR Consultant for Perfect Snacks, a fresh snack brand leader. Jess is also the current Vice President of Naturally San Diego, a nonprofit organization and business network that fosters sustainability and develops leadership in the San Diego natural products community.

In this episode…

Many companies face a disconnect between their marketing and PR departments. But what kind of growth could your company experience if you bridged the gap?

Jess Windell created Maven Consulting to link the PR and marketing departments. While most people think of PR as media relations, Jess thinks of it as any relationship you have with a stakeholder that matters to your business. She knows how to answer questions including, “How do I build better relationships with my investors?” and “How do I clarify my message and get it in front of the audience?”

In this episode of the Gooder Podcast, Diana Fryc is joined by the Founder of Maven Consulting, Jess Windell, to discuss connecting your PR and marketing strategies. Jess clarifies some misconceptions about PR, explains why she wanted to create her own agency, and gives tips about how to develop better business relationships.

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